Protect your company’s patents

Qsek Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. is where you can get your company or your private firm’s patent registered with the help of professionals. Your establishment not matter what, always requires a patent registration. Patent registration, being a very complicated process, requires experts. At Qsek Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. you’ll find exactly the kind of highly skilled professionals that your patent registration needs. From the proficient detailing to answering all your queries, we at Qsek Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. handle every issue that can arise, comprehensively. We are a highly trusted group of experts that registers your company or firm’s patent in an efficient manner. We know about the value of your money, so we offer our services at an affordable price. We take special care to meet every client’s requirements.

Defend your company’s valuables

If you don’t get your company’s patent registered, you will have difficulty to protect your company’s holdings. Then, your best bet would be the common laws and rights in the company’s locality which in India will almost certainly land your establishment in deep trouble. Your company’s patent registration is the basic defence that you can protect your company’s belongings with. Registering your company’s patent is a highly complex process which requires the help of a good attorney who is experienced enough to guide you through the registration process. We at Qsek Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. have the best of the attorneys to help you secure your establishment’s valuables alongside giving you an insight of the registration process.

The Law that covers your company’s patents

In accordance with the Patent Act, 1970, you can register your company’s patents by filing either alone or along with your partner or with the help of an officially countenanced representative of corporal department. You will require several documents to register your company’s patent in India. The Patent Act, 1970 is the leading legal reference to the registration of patents in India which has been in effect since the month of April. 1972. The patent registration was laid down to manage the provisions of the Act relating to the grants of patent and patents that are filed along with registration of trademark and industrial design. In India, this is your patent’s ultimate defence.