Food Exports & Imports Business Registration with QSEK – Licensing and Registratio

Business operators with import or export of food products should be registered as per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The FSSAI has a set rules and regulations for food exporters or importers to follow and it is a must that the entrepreneurs should be registered to get a permit for the products.

The registration of food to be exported or imported needs certain different certification from all kinds of authorities depending on the kind of food. For example, if it is meat, dairy products, frozen, beverages etc.

A few of the other licenses required before applying your export or import business for approval are,

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Although this is optional, it still can be useful for business that are starting up newly as it improves the transfer ability of a business. The advantage of the LLP is having a limited liability. Businesses with an LLP does not require audits if it has less than Rs.40 Lakhs of turnover and less than Rs 25 Lakhs of capital contribution. We at QSEK help you to get the LLP registration for your export and import business.

Importer and Exporter Code

Any business of import and export of food items need to be registered and take the IE code given by the Directorate General of the Foreign Trade (DGFT). Again, we at QSEK get this registration done for you without any much fuss and less paperwork.

VAT Registrations

VAT registration is required when you are selling goods in India from other nations. To get your products into our nation your business and your product should be registered under the law of VAT.

Product registration from FSSAI

After the registration with all the other necessary departments to get approval of the food items that is imported or exported, the product should be approved by the FSSAI based on the food standards defined in the FSS ACT.

Registration Process

We at QSEK undertake all the responsibilities of the necessary documents needed and submit for the registration your import or export business required. To get the details of the process, our professionals will explain in detail as and when you want. Any queries will be handled by our experts and you will be receiving the registration certificate within no time.