MSME Registration – Food Manufacturing Industry License Registration with QSEK

A manufacturing Industry that can be either a micro, small scale or a medium scale enterprises. Based on the size of the industry, there are different rules. MSME industries are the most contributors to the Indian economy and provide the backbone for many other ventures. Hence, to promote and support these industries the Government of India helps these companies to grow through the MSMED Act and to set things up and running you need the registration from the Government.

MSME Process

It needs a plenty of time, patience and energy to go through with the process directly and hence we at QSEK intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd help you to go through with this process easily and without any tension. We can help you to go through the process and get your license registration without any stress. Here is the process of applying for the registration.

Application preparation

Preparing the application for the process of registration again need someone’s help. Our financial adviser or an expert will sit with you and help in preparing the application form along with the necessary documents needed at the time of submission.

Processing of Application

Once, after submitting the application form, the process will begin and the number of days depends on the processing time by the Government officials. During the process the officials may request for any additional documents and our experts will handle any such queries and can get in touch with you if there be a need.


We at QSEK take the responsibility of making sure of all the documents and any other necessary things to be done if there are any queries on the process and the registration will be done in the time allotted.

Registrations fees

Based on the standard fees allotted by the government there are different fee amount for the registration process. To get a quotation for your business registration, users can log in on our website and apply for online registration services with all your business details and get a quotation.

Eligibility Criteria

Based on the guidelines from the Government every business has a set of rules and should have a minimum amount to start the business depending on the scale of business. Our experts at QSEK will provide you with all the necessary information and explain you the rules and regulations before applying for the registration which will save a lot of your time and reduce unnecessary paperwork letting you to give your total attention to in starting your business.