Food Wholesale and Store Business License Registration with QSEK

Setting up a shop and starting a retail or a wholesale business needs a lot of preparation before hand. India being the largest in the retail business, there are various kinds of stores of food products that can be sold. While a retailer sells the products to a consumer, wholesale business entrepreneurs sell them to the retailers and other distributors. However, any business, be it wholesale or a retailer need to be registered before they start the shop.

Registration and licensing

To start a wholesale or a store business, you have register according to the FSSAI rules and regulations. Based on the store and the kind of products there are different rules and license. If you are in the wholesale business, you need a warehouse to store all your products. The LLP will be a benefit in these cases as it helps in transporting the products.

The different license that required for a wholesale and store business are,

LLP license, which is an option depending on the choice of the entrepreneurs. In terms of scalability and transferability an LLP will provide liability protection.

Tax Registration –

A store business involves selling of goods and hence, such business should obtain the VAT-TIN registration from the state government of sales and the tax department. The VAT registration is a must for all the resale business as they have to take the VAT input credit of all the goods.


Shop and establishment license –

A wholesale and store business which needs to set a space for selling its food products and goods should obtain the state authority permission and get the shop and establishment license. Based on where the store is located the license can be obtained from the state local department of labor officer.

Registration Process

We at QSEK understand that all the process of registration and handling with various paperwork can be time consuming and also stressful while you are busy in setting up your business. Hence, we take the responsibility of getting the necessary license and registration for your wholesale and store business to start. Our experts will handle all the queries by the registration department personally and get the registration done with minimal paperwork and in a short time.