Relabeling and packaging food products Service with QSEK

People buying packaged food look at its label before they pay its price and a label should provide all the necessary details for the consumer to consider the item to be bought. Based on the rules and regulations set by the FSSAI standards, there are certain things that need to be mentioned on a label. Due to certain reasons. For example, if there are any errors in the entire packing all the goods of the food products will be sent back for correction.

Small business, having less people to work and loads of orders to finish will find themselves in a difficult situation. We at QSEK take the responsibility of relabeling and repacking such products.

This process of relabeling and repacking need to be approved by the Government and should take the registration.

The labeling details

Food products need to have a list of things on its label and only then it will be approved in the registration process and will be allowed to send it to either local or foreign market. The list of the things on the label are,

General labeling details

There are certain rules that should be followed for the label of the food products. Such as the name, the label should be tightly pasted that it should not come out on the products, clearly visible, language should be English, Hindi as a must and if desired can use the local language.

Nutrition information

Any food product will have nutrition in it and the label should mention these nutrition facts in terms of per 100gms, 100ml or per serving. These nutrition facts will be checked completely in the FSSAI verification and hence it is important to state the values near to accurate.

Symbol to represent Veg or Non-Veg

Buying products with the help of symbol that tells you if the food products is a vegetarian food or non-vegetarian can be very helpful to the consumers as it is not possible to remove the covering of the items we buy. The red dot representing non-veg and green for veg is a standard used.

Manufacturer details

The food label should tell about the manufacturer, their name and address and any other details wish to be mentioned for promotion of the product. This will help for the consumers to check for the product they are looking.

Lot number or code

A lot number or a code or a bar number will be allotted for all the food products and it should be mentioned on the label as it will be helpful at the time of distribution.

Registration process

We at QSEK undertake this responsibility of getting all these label details checked, redo it and repack them for distribution by obtaining the registration as well. The details will be thoroughly checked before packing it again and also corrections will be made according to the rules and regulations of FSSAI.